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Your best vantage point for supply chain design

Most supply chain visibility solutions are based on the idea of viewing what is happening "now" but this can only tell you part of the story. Without understanding what is likely to happen in the future, it's impossible to make strategic decisions that will have a positive impact on your business. The Living Model offers a new way to design optimized supply chains by leveraging digital twin technology. We provide a mirror environment that serves as a risk-free way to test new strategies for cost reductions, carbon mitigation, and efficiency gains across your supply chain.





Digital Twin Technology

In today’s constantly changing environment, leveraging digital twin technology to create a ”Living Model” of the supply chain allows you to move quickly and capitalize on emerging opportunities. It provides a risk-free way to test new strategies for cost reductions, carbon mitigation and efficiency gains across your supply chain.

Neutrality & Data Privacy

Though the Living Model was developed by Expeditors, it is a neutral platform. All data is private and exclusive. Access to the dashboards requires user authorization. Rest assured your information is guarded and the best outcome for your business is prioritized.  


Unlock previously hidden data points from across multiple data sources to discover opportunities for change. For example:

  • Identify under-utilized assets by supply lane
  • Locate supply chains with CO2 opportunities
  • Recognize periods of demand fluctuations


Simulate sweeping changes to your supply chain design without disrupting your operations or budget. For example:

  • Redesign supply chain based on demand
  • Develop origin consolidation programs
  • Optimize returns to reduce empty miles


Decide which action to take with confidence, relying on results that are layered with your operational constraints. For example:

  • Optimize carrier selection when awarding freight
  • Determine optimal location for distribution
  • Evaluate shifts in sourcing markets

Industry Highlights

Understand the digital twin through industry specific applications. 


Supply Chain Solutions: The Digital Twin

Digital Twin technology is making its way into the logistics space, and with it are new ways for organizations to experiment, prototype, and implement new strategies to keep their supply chains strong. Vice President Ian Mallison and Senior Manager Jarrett Hendricks from Supply Chain Solutions discuss the history of Digital Twins, their impact on other industries, and how they are improving the way freight forwarders can service their customers.